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partydogMothertime Marketplace is Buffalo & WNY’s LARGEST Kids Consignment Sale!  Our next sale is March 14th-16th at the Hamburg Fairgrounds.  Don’t miss this huge event where you can save 50%-90% BELOW Retail on all things KIDS!!



Don’t Waste Your Time with Garage Sales

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Inside Organizing Projects with Kids

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quick organizing projects

So I don’t know about you but here in Western New York we have had quite the winter so far.  Today my kids have a snow day which means I will be home too.  This got me thinking about all the little organizing projects that can be done when you have to be inside. After all the more you can get done now; the less time you will have to spend inside when the weather is nice!  

Not to mention when the kids start saying “I’m Bored” you can say “Great! I have some fun projects that we can do together”!

9 Quick Organizing Projects:

1) Clean out your kitchen drawers.  Don’t forget to vacuum out the crumbs! Kids love doing this part.

2) Dedicate two hours to organizing photos.  Keeping up with photos is very time consuming so it is one of those projects that should be broken up into increments.  Today you could organize the photos into folders by date on your computer or upload some to start a new digital album.  If your kids are a little older let them help you.

3) Have your kids pick out the clothes and toys they no longer want in their room and put them aside to sell at a consignment event.  Better yet find one in your area and register now so you can begin pricing and tagging your items.  This is such an easy way to make money and the perfect motivation to get rid of clutter!

4) Tidy up that sock drawer.  Dump the entire drawer and ask the kids to play the matching game!  Just think: if you do this for every drawer in the house today you can finally dump that “Homeless Sock Basket” in your laundry room!  Exciting stuff here today!!!!!

5)  Sit down with your child and sort through her memorabilia book, memory box etc., and toss projects you don’t want to keep.

For the rest of this list click here


mommy rep2

If toys, games, crafts, clothes and other kid related items are taking over your house it might be time to call in a Mommy Rep from Mothertime Marketplace!

A Mommy Rep is a trained, professional tagger from Mothertime who will come to your home, decide which items are worth consigning, take these items out of your home and then price, prepare and tag them for you!  She will also drop your items off at Mothertime Marketplace with a scheduled drop off appointment during the week of our sale.

What do you have to do?  

Absolutely nothing except receive your percentage via check about two weeks after the items are sold!

Sound like a life saver?  That is exactly what a Mommy Rep is.  She will save your space and your sanity!

Email to request your Mommy Rep today! (don’t forget to include your city and what types of items you have). Send to 



Free Turkey Placemat Printable

by admin on November 21, 2013

Free Turkey Placemat Printable

Do you have some children coming to your Thanksgiving dinner this year?  I have fond memories of the “kids table” at Thanksgiving hanging out with family and friends, eating dinner together and talking!  This year for a special treat at our children’s table I designed a placemat to go under each child’s plate with fun coloring and activities to keep them busy before and after dinner.  I think it will keep the fun going between the kids a little longer…and let’s face it, anything that gets them to keep still at the dinner table is always a plus…right?

I printed it right on my home printer and it’s a full 8×11 piece of paper.  You can right click on the picture and “save as” then print it from your file.

I hope your children enjoy!

turkey placemat

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