DIY: Make Your Own Diaper Cake

DIY: Diaper CakeIs it just me or does it seem like there has been another baby boom lately? I feel like a crazy amount of people I know are having babies. That is one train I will not personally be hopping on anymore! I have my two miracles and now I love to enjoy everyone else’s little bundles of joy. With all these babies there are bound to be baby showers! I love buying and giving gifts and especially when it is baby related. I personally am not a fan of buying straight from the gift registry because I like to be creative with my gifts. Of all the gifts I have done for showers the diaper cake is a fav of mine! I just love the fact that I can buy a bunch of the essentials and then put it all together in a creative way! There are lots of sites and people that you can pay to create a diaper cake for you but that can be very pricey. You can make one yourself for at least half the amount. I recently completed a diaper cake for a dear friend’s shower and have included it in this post with some step by step instructions for you to learn how to make your own diaper cake.

DIY: Diaper Cake

1. Buy and open a pack of diapers and roll each diaper up and secure with a piece of tape.

rolled diaper and part 1

2. After rolling a bunch of diapers, stand them up in bunch and tie a ribbon around them to keep them together. Form them into a circle to become the bottom layer of the cake. You can also roll other items such as bibs and stick them in with the diapers.

DIY-Diaper Cake 2

3. Now place the diaper bunch  on a plate or piece of cardboard wrapped in a decorative paper and use ribbon to wrap and tie it to the plate.

DIY-Diaper Cake 3

4. Now repeat steps 1 and 2 and make this bunch of diapers a little smaller than the first. Place the second bunch of diapers on top of the first and then use the ribbon to wrap and tie them together.

DIY: Diaper Cake 4

5.Next you add another bunch of diapers that is a little smaller than the last and wrap and tie that with ribbon as well. Now you can start adding details such as flowers made from baby wash clothes or socks. You create these by folding the wash cloth the long way and then rolling it into a rose shape before securing with a safety pin. I either tuck them into the cake or pin them to the ribbon.

DIY: Diaper Cake 5  DIY: Diaper Cake 7  DIY: Diaper Cake 8

6. Now you can start to decorate the cake in other ways by using a specific theme or color combonation. I added hair bows, toys, and headbands  to the cake as decorations.

DIY: Diaper Cake  DIY: Diaper Cake  DIY: Diaper Cake 9

Happy cake making and enjoy all those beautiful babies!



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