Shabby Fabric Wreath 2

I love decorating with wreaths.  I have boxes of wreaths for each season so I am changing them out quite often.  

Small wreaths look so pretty hanging from mirrors, tucked in a corner in a guest bathroom, in the bedroom or hallway.  They are great to have to create dimension and add another element to the wall other than another picture.   

I seem to change my look or theme often so I enjoy having the ability to create my own wreath based on a particular them or season I am decorating for.  Making my own wreath gives me the ability to customize the look I want to achieve.  These particularly work nice if you are coordinating fabric and linens in a nursery, bedroom or bathroom.  

This wreath is easy to make, just needing a few supplies.  I tend to always have a variety of odd and end fabric pieces on hand but for this project I went to Joann Fabrics and coordinated a few swatches.  They sell 18”x21” fabric quarters which I love.  The are inexpensive, especially if you have a few coupons on hand and the are color coordinating.  This project can be made using this method or having some fabric cut depending on the look you want to achieve.  


8” plastifom wreath (purchased at Joann Fabrics)

8 2”x17”  fabric strips (same pattern)

2 2”x 17” fabric strips each different from the base of wreath

1 3”x17” fabric strip to use to hang wreath

Glue gun and glue sticks

1 button.  Optional-only if you want a button used from the fabric hanging the wreath.  (for this project the button used was purchased at Joann Fabric/Favorite Things Collection-Victorian Hearts)

Need and thread- optional- only if sewing the button

3 rosettes (tutorial here)

Pearl white pins (used to pin rosettes into wreath)

*In total 4 different fabric patterns are needed.  One to wrap the entire wreath.  One different for one end of wreath, another different pattern for opposite end of wreath and a different pattern to hang wreath.  The patterns shown on this wreath were used from fabric quarters that can be purchased at Joann Fabrics.  


Step 1-  Take one of the eight strips and glue one end to wreat.  Begin tightly wrapping it around wreath gluing end in place.

Step-2 Continue to wrap wreath with remaining strips until wreath is completely wrapped.

Step 3-  Dab any necessary glue in any loose places

Step 4-  Take one of the 2 coordinating and wrap on one corner of wreath, gluing both ends.

Step 5-  Take remaining strip and wrap adjacent to Step 3, gluing each end in place.

Step 6-  Embellish corner or wreath with rosette, pinning them in place with pearl white pins.

Step 7-  Use last piece of 3”x17” fabric to use to hang wreath.  Sew a button in the center of hanging fabric if desired.

Hang and Enjoy!

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Jennifer writes for Mothertime Marketplace about anything related to the home. She can also be found at her site:

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